The Board

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EKOenergy’s Board is the highest governing authority within EKOenergy’s management structure.

The Board:

  • Endorses our strategy
  • Decides on the criteria of our ecolabel
  • Decides which projects will be financed with the resources of our Climate Fund and our Environmental Fund.

Each member of the EKOenergy network appoints one person to the Board. Click here for a list of the Board members.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is appointed by the EKOenergy Board. The appointment is valid for 2 years and can be renewed.

In the Advisory Group there are reserved seats for the following stakeholder groups:

  • Environmental NGOs: both environmental umbrella organisations at European level and national/regional NGOs
  • The electricity industry (producers, traders, and suppliers)
  • Consumers of EKOenergy, their branch organisations and consumers’ organisations.

The Advisory Group can give input on any issue related to EKOenergy. The Advisory Group is actively informed about the Board’s agenda. The Board has to respond within 2 months to comments and questions of the members of the Advisory Group. The Advisory Group nominates the members of the EKOenergy Arbitration Panel with a ¾ majority.

Click here for a list of the Advisory Group members.

The Secretariat

The daily management of our ecolabel is in the hands of a Secretariat. The tasks of the Secretariat include:

  • Ensuring the management and operation of the ecolabel
  • Representing EKOenergy in its external relations and establishing contacts
  • Preparing internal and external reports
  • Supporting the publication and dissemination of information
  • Taking on the financial administration.

Click here for an overview of the staff members and volunteers of EKOenergy’s Secretariat.

Arbitration Panel

EKOenergy’s Arbitration Panel takes a final decision in disputes between EKOenergy and the members of the Network, as well as in disputes between EKOenergy and its licensees.

So far, no cases have been referred to the Arbitration Panel.

Click here for more information about the rules and the composition of the Arbitration Panel.