Action Plan for Businesses in China paper with Think RE

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Regardless of the degree of ambition, there are options for every business in China to start their renewables journey with, or to build on what they have initiated. There is a variety of purchasing methods to claim renewable electricity use, and some of these instruments (such as bundled EAC purchases) are available for those who are willing to go the extra mile.

As in any developing market, all methods of procurement contribute to creating a tangible, extra impact of various degrees in the Chinese market: consumers taking an active stance, especially at the early stages of market development, help shape the Chinese energy market with their demand for renewables. Options for consumers in China are becoming more and more available thanks to those who show leadership by taking action.

There are reasons for businesses to enter the market, and we still need to see further leadership as well. The positive impact of every procurement option can be increased by applying the EKOenergy ecolabel to any sourcing method.

We have cooperated with Think RE for the paper “Action Plan for Businesses in China: How to cover your consumption with renewable electricity?”. In this paper, we outline an action plan for a broad range of electricity consumers: businesses that are taking their first steps and those who want to be among the pioneers.

The full paper is downloadable for free upon registration on the Think RE website.