Helen starts selling EKOenergy

Helen, an energy company with nearly 400 000 customers throughout Finland, is to offer EKOenergy to trailblazer corporate customers from early 2017. More specifically, Helen will sell wind power produced in the Nordic countries.

“When purchasing hydro-, wind-, or bioenergy through Helen, the consumer is given a guarantee as to the origin of their electricity. They can also produce electricity both at their own location and through our solar plants using solutions we provide. Working together with EKOenergy, we can now offer EKOenergy-certified electricity through Guarantees of Origin, which makes for an excellent addition to our renewable energy portfolio.” says Hanna Veräjänkorva, Product Manager at Helen.

EKOenergy is a not-for-profit, international and independent ecolabel for electricity conceived by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Now a conglomerate with over 40 members from 30 different countries, EKOenergy certifies electricity that is 100% renewable and fulfils stringent sustainability criteria set by member organizations. For example, wind farms producing EKOenergy-certified wind power are never in bird nesting areas. What’s more,  a part of the proceeds made from sales goes into the EKOenergy Climate Fund, which finances projects pertaining to renewable energy all over the world. EKOenergy users back renewable energy projects without lifting a finger!

Steven Vanholme, Program Manager of EKOenergy, has this to say about the partnership:  “We are over the moon to have Helen on board, selling EKOenergy to corporate customers! Even though EKOenergy-certified electricity is sold all over Europe these days, even as far as China, it all started at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation head office in western Helsinki. That’s why we’re very pleased to have a major player work with us on our home turf.”

EKOenergy is recommended by the most noteworthy corporate environmental standards, such as CDP, GHGP, WWF Green Office and the construction industry standard LEED, which awards extra points to corporations employing the standard for switching to EKOenergy.

For more information:

Steven Vanholme, EKOenergy Program Manager, steven.vanholme@sll.fi, +358 50 568 7385.
Roland Westerberg, Helen Oy Head of Sales and Account Manager, roland.westerberg@helen.fi; +358 50 325 8279
Hanna Veräjänkorva, Helen Oy Product Manager, hanna.verajankorva@helen.fi, +358 50 339 1156

Posted on 25 January 2017