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Consumer information

Where has your electricity been produced? And how?

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Sellers of EKOenergy have to inform consumers and potential consumers about the origin of their EKOenergy labelled electricity. This information has to include as a minimum:

  • The country of origin
  • The method of production e.g. solar, on-shore wind, off-shore wind, hydropower, marine, geothermal, biomass. In the case of mixes, the percentage of each type must be mentioned.

This allows you to choose what you buy; you can, for example, choose electricity from your own country, or ‘only wind’, or ‘only solar’, or any other type of electricity you find worth promoting.

  This does not mean that consumers really get that specific power physically delivered to their socket. It means that this electricity has been put on the grid on their behalf, and that they are the only ones allowed to claim for that specific electricity. Read the section on tracking and Guarantees of Origin to get more information about how this works.

Information about renewables and about how to promote the energy transition

EKOenergy also actively informs consumers about the opportunities of a world working 100% on renewable energy.

  • We help consumers to communicate in a positive and correct way about their green electricity purchase. If more and more consumers communicate about the possibility to use 100% renewable electricity, even the more hesitant will follow. Until the whole economy is 100% renewable.
  • We give consumers a tool to contribute to the energy transition. The purchase of green electricity does not automatically mean that a new renewable installation will be built. But when you buy EKOenergy certified electricity, at least €0.10 will go to the EKOenergy’s Climate Fund, to finance investments that would not have taken place without your money.
  • We also inform consumers about the impact of energy production on the biodiversity. And we develop tools to reduce that impact, for instance via our Environmental Fund.

Offical text

For the official text of EKOenergy’s consumer information criteria, see chapter 6 of the text ‘EKOenergy: Network and label’.