How to sell EKOenergy?

piggybank with EKOenergy logo

Energy suppliers, sellers of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and companies facilitating renewable energy procurement (such as PPA facilitators, aggregators, installers of solar panels, etc.) can offer EKOenergy-labelled energy if:

Signing the EKOenergy Agreement is free of cost. EKOenergy’s fees and contributions are based on consumed volumes of EKOenergy.

The EKOenergy Agreement and our criteria for electricity, gas, heat and cold deal with the following aspects:

  • Sustainability
  • Tracking, avoidance of double counting and consumer information
  • Additionality, in particular by contributing to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund and by supporting EKOenergy’s work to promote renewable energy worldwide
  • Auditing and verification.

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