Where does EKOenergy come from?

EKOenergy does not certify energy installations. We are not an ecolabel for production, only sold/consumed volumes can carry the EKOenergy ecolabel. However, we do take the origin of energy into account.

To be sold or consumed as EKOenergy-labelled, energy needs to be generated in line with our sustainability criteria, such as electricity from wind farms outside important biodiversity areas and hydropower installations with functional fish passages and continuous flow. See a complete overview of EKOenergy’s sustainability criteria here.

Thousands of pre-approved installations worldwide

The EKOenergy ecolabel is currently being used in over 60 countries and EKOenergy-labelled electricity comes from 1000s of approved installations. In most cases, EKOenergy comes from installations in the same country where consumption takes place, or from neighbouring countries. The proximity depends on the preferences of the consumer. We work closely with our authorised sellers to meet the additional requirements or expectations of their clients.

The map below does not show all approved (or eligible) installations, but only those that authorised EKOenergy sellers asked us to add to the map. The map is only complete for hydropower installations, for all others, only some of the production devices are shown.

Click on the icon in the top left of the map () to see the list of installations and to sort them by type.