EKOenergy’s annual report 2022

EKOenergy’s annual report for 2022 gives a good overview of the various dimensions of our work and achievements in 2022. Seeing the concrete impact of our work in 2022 gives us the vigour to continue with the same enthusiasm in 2023 and we hope that many more will join in.

One of the main outcomes of 2022 was that many who hadn’t thought of climate protection as enough of a reason to switch to renewables started seeing renewables as a means to reduce costs and increase energy security. This has given us at EKOenergy a chance to work alongside a wider network of stakeholders.

Some of the highlights underlined in EKOenergy’s annual report 2022 include the following:

  • We welcomed new users of EKOenergy-labelled energy, from small companies to large corporates.
  • 16 RE100 companies used EKOenergy to power all or part of their operations.
  • We financed 15 new renewable energy projects for disadvantaged communities in 13 developing countries.
  • We were a supporting association of the REC Market Meeting 2022, the first I-REC Standard Conference and the RE-Source 2022 conference.
  • We welcomed 17 new authorised sellers from different countries.
  • Sales of EKOenergy-labelled energy grew more than 25%.
  • We started our EKOpixel campaign to encourage companies in the video gaming industry to switch to sustainable renewable energy.
  • We hosted 14 European Solidarity Corps volunteers and celebrated the 10th anniversary of our participation in this EU-funded programme.
  • We started the development of the EKOdirect database, which will allow us to automate EKOenergy’s processes and reduce the administration load for our authorised sellers.

Thanks a lot to our authorised sellers, EKOenergy users and others who were involved.

Let’s not forget that energy transition doesn’t just happen, but comes about as the result of the efforts of millions of people, including you. Let’s continue creating a positive impact together in 2023!

Published: 19 January 2023