EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award 2022 goes to Lumme Energia

EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award

EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award was created to honour the licensed seller with the highest growth percentage of EKOenergy-labelled sales in the past year. We’re thankful to all our licensed sellers for offering EKOenergy all around the world. Every year, we highlight a few of them to celebrate their extraordinary achievements.

This year’s Bamboo Award goes to the Finnish energy company Lumme Energia. Despite the competitiveness of the market, Lumme Energia more than doubled their EKOenergy sales last year. Congratulations!

Why Bamboo?

The bamboo plant’s key features are its strength and record-breaking growth rate. In addition to being a useful material for many products, bamboo also stores high volumes of carbon and thrives without any fertiliser.

Lumme Energia: A devoted seller of EKOenergy-labelled electricity

The sales team of Lumme Energia has been promoting EKOenergy-labelled electricity successfully for many years now. Lumme Energia’s sales team is in regular contact with EKOenergy’s Secretariat and they frequently present EKOenergy to new potential clients.

Last year, the Finnish Consumer magazine Kuluttaja-lehti evaluated 20 different electricity contracts from the 8 largest Finnish sellers. The highest points were given to Lumme Energia’s electricity contracts and their EKOenergy-labelled tariff ‘Eko Lumme Puu’. Lumme Energia also actively offers locally produced energy with the EKOenergy label to their business clients.

Lumme Energia’s commitment to EKOenergy has deep roots. Lumme Energia is a merger of several local energy companies from different parts of Finland. Some of these companies had been working with EKOenergy since the very start. For example, Etelä Savon Energia was an enthusiastic seller of Norppa Energia label (the Finnish predecessor of the EKOenergy label) and in 2013, they became the first Finnish energy retailer to commit to the international EKOenergy label. Another company, Energiapolar from Rovaniemi, was also a licensee of Norppa Energia before the launch of EKOenergy. Last year, Lumme Energia acquired Ekosähkö, a company selling 100% EKOenergy-labelled renewable electricity. (Note: This acquisition has not been counted as an increase of Lumme Energia’s sales in the past year when reviewing the sold volumes for our Bamboo Award. Ekosähkö’s growth percentage in sold volumes were also reviewed separately when determining the recipient award).

Thanks and congratulations to Lumme Energia for the nice result in 2021. We are looking forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation.

Published on 25 May 2022