EKOenergy’s communication campaign for the cosmetics sector: EKObeauty

The EKOenergy ecolabel is a tool to facilitate active communication regarding energy consumers’ commitment to renewable energy, both to their clients and to the sector. As a nonprofit, nature conservation initiative, we are happy to guide consumers to the most sustainable and impactful energy products.

We regularly set up communication campaigns to promote the use of renewable energy by focusing on specific sectors. These campaigns involve outreach for raising awareness and sharing information about how to choose renewable electricity.

By making information more available, we help companies take climate action and start using 100% sustainable renewable energy. We also explain the availability of local, EKOenergy-labelled clean energy and tell consumers the benefits they get & the extra environmental impact they make simply by switching to EKOenergy-labelled options.

In order to encourage companies to switch to EKOenergy-labelled energy, we highlight those that are already using EKOenergy. Every existing EKOenergy user helps us amplify our message of 100% clean energy.

Following our previous communication campaigns aiming at the brewery sector and the fashion industry, this time we focus on outreach to companies producing beauty products. Several companies in the cosmetics sector are already using EKOenergy-labelled energy and we use their example to inform many others worldwide.

See our leaflets for outreach:

The presentation for EKOenergy’s EKObeauty campaign can be found here.

To learn more about why energy consumer choose EKOenergy, see our short video below (with subtitles in almost 20 languages!)