Spanish energy supplier Gesternova organises the month of EKOenergy

Almost 10 years of cooperation

EKOenergy-labelled electricity is now accessible in over 70 countries, thanks to the efforts of more than 120 authorised sellers. Among these sellers is Gesternova, a Spanish electricity supplier that has been proudly offering EKOenergy-labelled electricity for almost 9 years.

When the EKOenergy label was launched in 2013, we reached out to energy companies in numerous countries. Gesternova was among the first to respond, and soon after, they chose to offer EKOenergy-labelled energy to some of their clients. First, they provided EKOenergy to a select group of consumers upon request. Later, they expanded access to EKOenergy-electricity for all by introducing an EKOenergy-labelled tariff.

It’s no coincidence that Gesternova and EKOenergy make a great team: both of us are renewable energy enthusiasts, trailblazers in many ways, and complement each other seamlessly. Gesternova is a 100% renewable energy company and has been promoting the energy transition in Spain for almost 20 years. Through the EKOenergy label, both Gesternova and its clients have a positive international impact.

The enthusiasm of Gesternova is one of the driving forces behind our commitment to providing our materials in Spanish whenever possible. Throughout the years, this has also facilitated our engagement in Latin America.

Month of EKOenergy

This October (2023), Gesternova is organising their „month of EKOenergy” for the second time. During this exciting month, Gesternova focuses on EKOenergy in many ways:

  • EKOenergy and our label’s concrete achievements are highlighted on Gesternova’s homepage, blog posts, and social media.
  • All new contracts made via Gesternova are EKOenergy-labelled at no additional costs.
  • Gesternova’s Commercial Director, Javier Del Fraile Tejedor, and one of their clients, Blueground Madrid’s General Manager, Francisco Juliusberger, joined the Spanish radio program Ecogestiona, along with our volunteer Velizara Koleva, on the 6th of October. The program focused on the EKOenergy ecolabel and the tangible results the EKOenergy label brings.

We extend our sincere thanks to the dedicated staff of Gesternova!

Published: 9 October 2023