EKOenergy for Yves Rocher

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Part of the activities of Groupe Rocher are now powered by EKOenergy

We are proud to announce the arrival of Groupe Rocher as a new consumer of EKOenergy in France. Since the beginning of 2017, half of its electricity consumption in France has been certified as EKOenergy.

Groupe Rocher has always been aware of its social and environmental responsibility. Thus, Groupe Rocher has long sought to reduce its footprint on the planet, for example by certifying its first cosmetic production site in accordance with ISO 14 001 in 1997.

Anxious to preserve biodiversity, the 55 hectares of flower fields of the Group around “La Gacilly” have been grown using organic farming practices since 1998. Its main logistics sites in Brittany are fed via two wood-fired boilers saving 1,600 tones of CO2 annually. Moreover, since 2015, the Group has embarked on an ambitious program where one of the objectives is to gradually increase the use of renewable energy by 2020. This objective was confirmed at the COP21 in Paris, where the Group played an active role.

Groupe Rocher was also attracted to EKOenergy’s work on behalf of river ecosystems. EKOenergy carefully selects the most sustainable power plants and through EKOenergy´s Environmental Fund support projects for river restoration. We also actively use our partners and our experience to develop and promote river restoration projects. This is a perfect match with Groupe Rocher’s long lasting commitment to preserving biodiversity and to managing resources in a sustainable way.

In addition, the international format of EKOenergy attracted the company. Groupe Rocher has a long tradition of supporting social and ecological projects in a large number of countries. Through the purchase of EKOenergy labelled power, the company now also contributes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. The money of that fund is used to support the fight against energy poverty, for example through the installation of solar energy.

And finally, through the use of EKOenergy certified power, Groupe Rocher also aims to be an inspiring example at national and international level. The global transition to renewable energy is unstoppable and each of us can help to speed it up.