Mikkelin Jukurit: Ice hockey team uses EKOenergy

An increasing number of athletes and sports clubs are speaking out about climate change. Even at the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, there was time for a video about skyrocketing temperatures and rising sea levels. But the next step is how can we go from just words to taking definitive action.

Changing to EKOenergy is one very concrete thing which can be done. This is what the Finnish ice hockey team Mikkelin Jukurit has just done. They have switched to 100% EKOenergy, provided to them by the local electricity supplier ESE (Etelä-Savon Energia).

Mikkelin Jukurit is an ice hockey team from Mikkeli, a city in Eastern Finland. The team has won 7 “Mestis championships”, the last in 2015 and 2016, and plays now in the Finnish Elite League (the Liiga).

Mikkelin Jukurit joins a growing group of organisations and businesses that are committed to 100% renewable. Think of Google, IKEA, Unilever… But by switching to EKOenergy, Mikkelin Jukurit even goes 1 step further. Electricity sold with the EKOenergy label fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects. By teaming up with other EKOenergy consumers, they also help to create a movement in support of a 100% renewable economy.

Riku Eskelinen, programme manager of EKOenergy, says ”We are delighted to have the team proudly displaying the EKOenergy logo. Ice hockey is the most popular team sport in Finland. Having Jukurit on our side helps us spread our message!

Mikkelin Jukurit is already encouraging their colleagues, both in Finland and abroad to follow this example. You too can help them by sharing this message and inviting your favourite sports club to follow the example of the Jukurit and switch to EKOenergy! Contact us for more information.

Posted on 24 August 2016

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