Nine new climate projects


For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, the seller contributes at least 0.10 € to our Climate Fund. With this money we finance renewable energy projects. In 2016 we collected approximately 190,000 € in the Climate Fund.

After a long evaluation process, which started with 350 applications on 1 October 2016, we have now selected nine projects. For two of these we will work together with the Finnish Foundation Siemenpuu, which donates an extra €32,000.

Many thanks to all the sellers and buyers of EKOenergy, as well as to all those who submitted a project and to those who helped us in the selection process.

The selected projects are the following:

  • We donate € 15,000 to the Norwegian organisation Naturvernforbundet for a project in Tajikistan: ”In cooperation with a local community organisation they want to set up an energy shop and a service center. These will help introduce affordable small solar systems, providing a minimum of light and power for communication. Availability and transport costs are the main barriers for introduction of solar lanterns and solar home systems in remote areas of Tadjikistan. In order to make the cost as low as possible it is necessary to buy and transport in larger quantities. Capital is needed in order to invest in the equipment and bring it out to the consumers.”
  • € 15,618 goes to the French organisation Santé Sud, for a project in Guinea.In order to improve the access to health care for more than 50 000 residents. Santé Sud seeks to provide eco-friendly rural electrification (solar panels) for community doctors health centres.”
  • € 17,000 goes to a project of the Gram Vikas, India. ”We will install home lighting systems. We’re planning to cover 120 Households in total. Preference will be given to remote communities who are yet to be connected to the main grid, in the remote and interior pockets of the Kalahandi district of Odisha, India.”
  • € 25,000 goes to a project of the Swiss Organisation CEAS in Madagascar. “They will install 3 Solar – powered kiosks for schools in rural villages of Madagascar”
  • We donate € 35,000 to a project of the Africa Conservation Trust, South Africa. ”The Zululand Community Solar Project aims to provide solar lighting systems to families living in the Kwadlakuse and Esikhuthwaneni communities – two deeply rural villages in Northern KwaZulu – Natal. This region forms part of the Zululand District Municipality, one of the poorest districts in South Africa largely due to its history as a marginalised homeland.
  • A project of the Palestinian organisation Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem gets € 30,000 for the installation of solar installations on houses of poor families in Bethlehem.
  • € 20,000 goes to the Belgian organization Solar without Borders (Solar zonder grenzen) for the installation of 4 more smart solar kiosks and mini grids in Togo and/or Benin.
  • The French organization FONDEM gets € 20,000 to improve the living conditions of about 150 people by installing 2 solar water pumps in Senegal.
  • We donate € 45.000 to a project of the British organization Practical Action, in Sudan. “Practical Action is seeking support from EKOenergy to ensure poor rural households have access to safe, affordable and sustainable energy services through promotion of solar energy in the village of Barbujat, El Fashir, within the North Darfur state of Sudan”

And recently, we also published a booklet highlighting four of the projects we financed last year through our Climate Fund. “Climate Projects 2016 – Funded by EKOenergy Users”. It tells about solar energy projects in Togo, Tanzania, Cameroon and Peru.

picture: Solar kiosk in Togo, EKOenergy Climate Fund 2016