Leveranciers die het recht hebben het EKOenergie-label te gebruiken

Alleen leveranciers en consultants die onze Licentieovereenkomst ondertekend hebben kunnen EKOenergie-stroom, EKOenergie-gas en EKOenergie-warmte verkopen.

If your current supplier is not yet on our list of licensed sellers, please encourage them to start selling EKOenergy-labelled energy too. We are always looking for new sellers to take on our ecolabel and are happy to explain to them how to do it.

Also note that EKOenergy is a label for energy, not for energy companies. Almost all of our licensees sell only a part of their volumes with the EKOenergy ecolabel. So make sure you don’t only choose the right seller but also that you choose an EKOenergy-labelled product i.e. energy that meets our environmental sustainability criteria.