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EKOenergy from on-site installations

The first off-grid building which has started to use the EKOenergy logo in its communication, is Mas La Llum, an ecohotel near Zaragoza, Spain.

The first off-grid building to start using the EKOenergy label in its communications is Mas La Llum, an ecohotel near Zaragoza, Spain.

Energy consumers who have on-site renewables to cover their consumption (off-grid or grid-connected renewable energy installations) can also use the EKOenergy ecolabel.

This page outlines the conditions they must meet.


General requirements


  • If the annual production is higher than 200 MWh, the user has to make a minimum contribution of 0,10€/MWh to the EKOenergy Climate Fund. In the case of hydropower, another contribution of 0,10€/MWh has to be made to the Environmental Fund.
  • If the annual production is higher than 1000 MWh the user has to sign our Licence Agreement.
  • If the annual production is lower than 200 MWh, the donation to our Climate Fund is not compulsory but highly recommended as it helps finance renewable energy projects in the developing world.


Additional requirements for grid-connected installations

  • The user must have an EKOenergy labelled electricity contract for the place where the renewable energy installation is located.
  • If the grid connected system has a backward counting meter (net metering) the EKOenergy-ecolabel cannot be used for electricity that has been added to the grid first, unless the owner can prove that nobody has issued any tracking certificates (e.g. Guarantees of Origin) for that production, or unless these tracking certificates have been redeemed on behalf of the owner.


Please get in contact with us if you want more information!