EKOenergy and ForGreen: 2 years of sustainability

Two years ago, the Italian energy supplier ForGreen signed the EKOenergy License Agreement, taking a decisive step towards renewable energy revolution in Italy. In two short years, our collaboration has spawned many successes, from 100% renewable beer to eco-friendly energy co-operatives. This was possible, among other things, thanks to our shared values and aims.

First, we involve people – not as passive consumers, but as part of a community. Both EKOenergy and ForGreen share stories from their customers to encourage collaboration and inspiration. Our diverse set of users goes to show how sustainability is no longer a niche side issue, but a universal goal.

Secondly, we are positive. We lead by example, by showing what is already possible, and what can be achieved when individuals come together with a shared goal. And we don’t go by halves: 100% of the energy that ForGreen sells is renewable and EKOenergy certified. Our vision is of a 100% renewable world.

Do these approaches work? Just take a look at our successes from the past 2 years:

  • Both EKOenergy and ForGreen saw fast growth. Last year, the volumes of energy sold by ForGreen doubled. And EKOenergy grew with almost 60%, worldwide.
  • A successful ‘Drink Responsible’ campaign, aiming to increase the consumption of renewable energy within Italy’s industrial and craft breweries. Right now the list includes 7 certified breweries, with that number set to grow
  • The WeForGreen Sharing cooperative, which became the first energy cooperative in Europe certified by EKOenergy
  • ForGreen was the first Italian supplier to offer only EKOenergy certified electricity – fully committing to sustainable and renewable energy
  • In November 2017, ForGreen won a prestigious national award as best energy sharing model in Italy, awarded by Legambiente, one of Italy’s largest environmental associations

EKOenergy would like to thank ForGreen for the dedication and hard work – here’s to achieving a 100% renewable future for Italy, together.

Written by Nicolò Sancassiani
Posted on 30 March 2018