EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award 2021 goes to Nordic Green Energy Sweden!

What is EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award?

We’re thankful to all our licensed sellers for offering EKOenergy-labelled energy all around the world. Last year, we started to put a few of them under the spotlight to celebrate their extraordinary achievements.

EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award was created to honour the licensed EKOenergy seller which has grown the fastest in the past year. In 2021, this award goes to… Nordic Green Energy Sweden!

What’s more remarkable is that Nordic Green Energy Sweden won last year’s EKOenergy Bamboo Award too, and in an extremely competitive setting each time. Hats off to the whole team!

Why Bamboo?

The bamboo plant’s key features are its strength and record-breaking growth rate, which are self-explanatory. In addition to being a useful material for many products, bamboo also stores high volumes of carbon and thrives without any fertilizer. We decided to present the licensee who has had the highest growth percentage of EKOenergy sales in the past calendar year with the “EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award”.

Thanks and congratulations to Nordic Green Energy Sweden!

In 2016, Nordic Green became the first energy company to sell EKOenergy-labelled electricity in Sweden, launching their EKOenergy electricity product with a celebration in the ABBA Museum in Stockholm. It was a really fantastic event and an inspiring start to our partnership with them.

We asked Björn Visell, Business Area Manager B2B & Public about the story behind Nordic Green Energy’s successful EKOenergy sales. Is there anything the energy sector can learn from that?

Dear Björn, congratulations on achieving the fastest growth rate for EKOenergy sales for the second time in a row. This cannot be a coincidence – What are the secrets behind Nordic Green’s success in selling EKOenergy-labelled energy?

Thank you so much, we are very proud of getting the award once again! I think the simple secret is that we talk about the environmental aspects with our customers, since we sell renewable energy only.

Can you tell a bit more about Nordic Green and your plans on the Nordic market?

We are a dynamic and innovative player in the Nordic market. We were focusing on 100% renewable energy even before this became a trend. As trailblazers, we are interested in helping our consumers make a real positive impact, and our work with EKOenergy fits with that approach.

What are the aspects you like most in the EKOenergy ecolabel?

We find it inspiring that EKOenergy is an international ecolabel. By working with EKOenergy, our work in Sweden has a concrete impact outside Sweden too. This is important, as we need to work more together, globally, to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

Why do you think your clients choose EKOenergy?

Probably for the same reasons. The international aspect is also made very visible through the concrete results of EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. Each consumer contributes a small amount of money to that Fund and this enables EKOenergy to finance solar projects in developing countries, for example on schools and hospitals. This way, each of us can help bring clean energy to people who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to it.

Published on 3 June 2021