Renewable power for North Tanzania

2014: combined solar and hydro

In 2011, the Italian organisation Istituto Oikos received EU funding to install a small hydro turbine near the Ngarenanyuki secondary school in the Meru District, Northern Tanzania. The turbine runs on an irrigation channel and provides the school with basic electricity services. The water flow (and energy production) fluctuates throughout the year. In the dry season and during irrigation time, the school remains often without electricity.

In 2014, EKOenergy donated 10,000 euro to add 3 kWpeak of solar panels to the system to complement the hydropower and to allow for energy production during the dry season.

  Click here for photos of the project area, the installation (including the smart inverter) and the inauguration ceremony.
  Click here for a video about the project (Youtube)
  Click here for Istituto Oikos’s webpage about the project (in English).

2016: EKOenergy and Oikos continue to work together

In the same area, there are tens of other schools either without access to electricity, or using expensive and polluting diesel generators. Therefore, Oikos started an ambitious follow-up project, aiming at the installation of photovoltaic systems in 20 secondary schools in the Arusha Region. They will also set up a utility to manage these installations.

In March 2016, EKOenergy donated € 30,000 to that new project.  With our contribution, at least 5 more schools will get solar panels.


SunEdison donated solar panels to the this project.

The University Politecnico di Milano  built (and donated) a smart inverter for the Ngarenanyuki project, to balance the power coming from the hydropower system with the solar power.

Thanks a lot!