Solar kiosks for Togo

In March 2016, EKOenergy donated € 10,000 to the Belgian organisation Solar without Borders.

The organisation is specialised in setting up solar kiosks in Togo and Benin.  Solar kiosks are constructions equipped with solar panels which are centrally located in villages without electricity supply. Local residents can rent a rechargeable lamp and charge it using solar power. Also other devices, such as mobile phones, can be charged for a minor fee. Each solar kiosk is run by a self-employed local operator trained by Solar without Borders. The kiosk operator can make a decent living out of this. This is an incentive for local entrepreneurship.

Solar without Borders developed already more than 300 energy kiosks in Togo and Benin.
More than 50 people are employed in administration, production, commercial or installation services. 250 local entrepreneurs run their own energy kiosk. They deliver light for 62.000 happy customers.

In May 2016, 3 kiosks were installed in the villages of Agram Assekou, Ka Bre Bre and Kouwi thanks to EKOenergy’s contribution.

  Click here for photos of the realised projects.