Apply for money for your river project

EKOenergy is looking for river restoration projects to be funded. EKOenergy Environmental Fund’s call for proposals is open from 26th November 2019 to 15th January 2019. This time we are looking for projects in Finland.

Adding gravel to a spawning area in river Murronjoki, in Saarijärvi area, summer 2015.
This river restoration project was funded by EKOenergy. Photo: Markus Sirkka

According to the EKOenergy’s criteria, the electricity seller has to pay € 0.10 into the EKOenergy’s Environmental Fund for every megawatt hour of hydroelecticity sold with EKOenergy ecolabel. The funds raised for the Environmental Fund are used to mitigate or compensate the environmental damage caused by hydropower.

The selection process

Applications must be submitted no later than 15.01.2019. Thereafter, an expert group will select the best among the project proposals. The group is invited by the EKOenergy Secretariat, and consists of experts in the field of river management and river restoration.

Assessment criteria

The amount to be requested can be up to € 50,000 per project. The project must take place in Finland and start in 2019. The project must reduce, compensate or repair the environmental damage caused by hydropower. The applicant’s financial solvency and previous experience of similar projects, as well as the high communication potential and the possiblity to duplicate the project will be considered as advantages. Above all, the projects will be assessed from the perspective of their ecological significance. We want to achieve the greatest possible environmental benefit in a cost-efficient manner. Also co-financing is possible.

What to include in your application?

Keep the application short (up to 8 pages) and use attachments as needed. We allow applications in Finnish, Swedish or English and we also wish to have a brief summary in English (up to 300 words). The application must include the following items:

• What kind of a project is this? A brief and clear description of the project itself: what, where, when, who, to whom, why.
• What kind of nature conservation outcomes the project aims to achieve? Briefly describe what species and habitats will benefit from the project.
• Which organization is responsible for implementing the project? The official name, contact details, business ID and bank connection of the responsible applicant organization implementing the project must be disclosed on application.
• Who is the contact person for the project? The application must include the contact details of the contact person (postal address, telephone, e-mail)
• How do you plan to communicate about the project? Briefly describe the communication channels you have.

Other information and instructions

• Please send your application by Monday 15 January 2019 by email to
• If we do not respond to your email within 48 hours of sending it, please send us a new email to verify that we have received your email.
• A specific agreement is signed with the projects to be financed with regard to communication, reporting and payment terms and conditions.
• A clear plan on how to communicate about the project is prepared along with the agreement. Particular attention is paid to good video and photo material.

Additional information:

Virpi Sahi
Environmental Director of EKOenergy
+358 50 308 2457