EKOenergy for Germany and the UK

Last month, EKOenergy made huge steps forward in Germany and the UK.

Stadtwerke Bielefeld

The German electricity supplier Stadtwerke Bielefeld started selling EKOenergy. The company is one of the larger municipality-owned energy companies in Germany. The company has about 2160 employees and a turnover of about 660 million euro. Their first EKOenergy product is available for households as well as companies. We are looking forward to developing and promoting EKOenergy together with them.

Online course about green power in German

We are also scaling up our cooperation with the German green building sector. Together with the German Green Building Association, we published online course (in German) about how to buy renewable electricity for LEED and carbon accounting: „Green Power: Ökostrom für LEED und für die CO2-Bilanzierung kaufen„.

Green Energy UK, our first supplier in the UK

Also the British seller Green Energy UK signed our License Agreement and is able to supply EKOenergy to interested British consumers. Green Energy UK was the first UK energy supplier to offer a choice of green only tariffs. They are selling a so-called „Sparkling tariff”, which is made up of 100% renewable sources—solar, wind, hydro and biomass. They are now also ready for close cooperation with EKOenergy, as another step in their work for a 100% renewable world.

We are proud to see our young label spreading over Europe, and beyond. Are you interested in being part of the evolution as a seller, a consumer or a supporter? Feel free to contact us.

Posted on 8 February 2016

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