Climate Stories: Explore the projects we’ve supported

Check out the concrete and impactful results of previously funded renewable energy projects in many parts of the world.

34,500 € to provide solar power to 100 families, 5 schools, and 5 health units in Balochistan, Pakistan

€33,000 to bring solar power to clinics in Kenya’s energy-deprived Kajiado West area
26,800 € to for the replacement of diesel pumping systems in two Tanzanian villages
37,500 € to electrify four health units in
southwestern Cameroon

25,000 € to launch smart nano grids in Togo
39,720 € to install solar-powered pump systems with UV filters in five schools in Thyolo, Malawi.
34.000 € to provide solar power to 5 health centres in Karnataka state, in southwest India.

37,500 € for a solar-powered community project in northern Nigeria
25,0000 € to bring solar power to 100 off-grid families, 4 schools and 4
health centres in Pakistan.
30,000 € to install a 9.6 kW solar system in the Ayiri clinic in Uganda

17,735 € to install solar panels in clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border
15,000 € for solar installations in Palestine (+15,000 € from the Siemenpuu Foundation)
38,990 € to equip 4 rural health centres with solar energy in Malawi

22,000 € for solar-powered water pumps in Nepal
12,000 € to install solar panels in community health centres in Mali
15,000 € to install 20 solar-powered phone charging stations in Mozambique
7,408 € to install PV solar panels in 4 community health centres in Mali
27,000 € to provide solar power to fishermen in Kenya
30,000 € to provide solar energy to 8 health clinics in Myanmar
35,000 € for a solar-powered water-lifting irrigation system in Nepal
15,000 € for a solar-powered drip irrigation system in the Gambia
85,000 € for safe and affordable solar energy in Sudan
15,000 € for the installation of a mini electric grid in Nyaung Chuang village in Myanmar
25,000 € for solar installations in 2 off-grid communities in Nepal
20,000 € for solar-powered water pumps and access to drinking water in Tanzania
18,500 € to bring solar power to 2 health posts in Colombia
25,000 € to install solar energy systems in 3 schools and 3 health centers in South Kivu, DR Congo
22,000 € to bring solar energy to rural villages in Myanmar
20,000 € to bring solar to 2 shelters for street children in Nairobi, Kenya
25,000 € to improve student health in Bolivia
35,000 € for a solar mini-grid in Nepal
27,000 € to equip women with solar-powered sewing machines in Cameroon
25,000 € for solar-powered water pumps in 6 villages in Senegal
18,000 € to realise a solar project in Zamfara State in Chediya, Yan Doto village, Nigeria
15,000 € to bring electricity to Mikwakhola Rural Municipality in Nepal (+ 30,000 € from the Siemenpuu Foundation)
7,500 € to bring electricity to the village of Sogola in Mali (+ 42,500 € from the Siemenpuu Foundation)
23,400 € to install solar-powered water kiosks, to secure clean water and improve the energy supply in the village of Abura, Kenya
24,000 € to a leading conservation NGO in China, for the installation of solar panels at a rural primary school
40,000 € for the installation of solar panels in four schools and a health centre in rural, off-grid areas of Ethiopia
30,000 € for solar energy for schools and health centres in off-grid Malinese villages
40,000 € for solar installations and promotion of solar energy in Palestine
39,000 € for 2 solar projects in Mali

24,000 € for solar panels in maternity clinics in Madagascar
23,000 € for solar-powered irrigation in Myanmar
20,000 € to bring solar electricity to the Pandu Gupha Health Post in Nepal
18,000 € for a solar kiosk in Madagascar. providing energy for a school and for the villagers
28,558 € for the installation of solar panels and the improvement of sanitation facilities in nine schools in Peru

17,000 € for home lighting systems in rural villages in India
15,000 € for an energy café in Tajikistan
45,000 € for solar energy in Sudan
18,000 € for a solar project for rural communities in South Africa (+17,000 € from the Siemenpuu Foundation)
25,000 € for light and power for rural schools in Madagascar

15,618 € to facilitate medical work in Guinea
20,000 € for solar panels for coffee farmers in Nicaragua
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28,000 € for the installation of a solar system in two schools on Sumba Island, Indonesia

10,000 € for clean and reliable energy in Tanzanian schools