Protect Our Winters!

Enni Rukajärvi and Protect Our Winters ask Finns to switch to EKOenergy

Protect Our Winters (POW) Finland is launching a campaign bearing its name in an effort to get Finnish downhill skiers and ski resorts aboard in the fight against climate change by switching to EKOenergy-certified renewable electricity.  The face of the campaign is snowboarder and Olympic silver medalist Enni Rukajärvi.

The Protect Our Winters -movement aims to save future winters and ensure that Finnish winters remain snow white for future generations to enjoy.

”Even though the effects of climate change are alarming, there’s still time to save our winters.” says Enni Rukajärvi, ambassador to the campaign. ”Now’s the time for Finnish skiing enthusiasts and ski resorts to get stuck in.”

“Many skiers are concerned about the future of their hobby and want their community and the winter sports industry to show leadership in fighting climate change. Switching to EKOenergy is the responsible thing to do for the sake of snowy winters.” says Niklas Kaskeala, chairperson of Protect Our Winters Finland.

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Four ski resorts are already in!

The campaign has actively supported four Finnish ski resorts (Sappee, Salla, Kokonniemi and Pääskyvuori) in switching to EKOenergy in the run-up to the coming season.

“Especially in the travel sector, eco-friendliness should be one of the core tenets of any business. Delivering services in an environmentally friendly manner can even give you a competitive edge.” as Jouko Poukkanen, CEO of Sappee Ski Resort, points out.

According to the CEO of Salla Ski Resort, Kari Koskimaa, switching to EKOenergy is a way for the resort to effect change regarding an important issue and take tangible action against climate change.

The campaign will launch at Skiexpo and Boardexpo (4th-6th November), encouraging people to take part and getting them to think about energy! The event will be held at the Messukeskus convention center in Helsinki, Finland. The campaign is run by Protect Our Winters Finland, EKOenergy and Porvoon Energia.

Pictures: Copyright Protect Our Winters
Posted on 3 November 2016