Renewable energy in Italy: EKOenergy and ForGreen celebrate 3 years of partnership

In March 2016, with the aim of developing a culture of sustainability in Italy, the 100% renewable energy operator ForGreen decided to start a partnership with our ecolabel. By aligning its whole energy supply with our strict sustainability criteria, ForGreen has added its offer a significant extra value. For EKOenergy this choice was a decisive step forward in developing the ecolabel in Italy.

ForGreen is the first and only italian electricity supplier to sell only EKOenergy labelled electricity. Furthermore, in 2017 the energy cooperative WeForGreen Sharing embarked on the same path, becoming the first european energy cooperative to offer 100% EKOenergy. WeForGreen Sharing, of which ForGreen is a founding member, offers consumers an extremely innovative energy model: it increases people and businesses’ awareness about the environmental impact of their energy consumption. Thanks to the breakdown of the barrier between producers and consumers, it allows them to save some money too.

The cooperation between ForGreen and EKOenergy has led to a number of successes:

  • since the signing of our License Agreement, ForGreen’s sales have more than doubled and this lead to a broad development of our energy ecolabel in Italy;
  • during our drink responsible campaign, which ForGreen enthusiastically contributed to, 7 Italian breweries switched to EKOenergy;
  • this campaign also brought EKOenergy to the final of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards in 2018;
  • for two years in a row (2017 and 2018) ForGreen won the Renewable Municipalities Award – an important recognition for best italian practices in the field of renewable energy awarded by Legambiente, a leading environmental NGO in Italy.

EKOenergy considers itself very lucky to work with such a dynamic and innovative partner as ForGreen. We celebrate our third anniversary together with optimism for the future and we hope to build many new similar partnerships, just as successful as this one!

Written by Valeria Pauletti

Posted on 18 March 2019