Optimism for the growing demand for renewables at RMM 2018

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The REC Market Meeting 2018 is reaching its end today, with a lot of dynamics and enthusiasm among more than 300 stakeholders attending. EKOenergy, a key supporter of this annual event for many years, has been an active participant in this edition of the global expert conference on energy attribute tracking systems.

Our colleagues representing EKOenergy in Amsterdam shared with us the common feeling that interest from consumers in renewable energy is growing and that demand is increasing in almost all markets. There is general optimism and enthusiasm about the future of renewables worldwide.

However, this year’s focus is on ”consumer action” and many speakers agreed indeed that the Climate Actions of states are not enough to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Other stakeholders need to step in and contribute, they say.

Bringing together market players, government officials and other stakeholders such as environmental NGOs has always been one of the principles behind EKOenergy. Anything to make the decision easy for the most important actor: the final energy consumer.

In line with our principles, Pedro Faria, Technical Director from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), said at one session that “buying 100% renewable energy should become a ’social norm’”. He explained that they do it “because we know it is the right way forward”.

Also John Harris, Renewable Energy expert at IKEA, said: „In many of our products, energy is the second most important ingredient. We have a huge responsibility there. It is not only about being carbon neutral in the shops, we need to focus on the decarbonization of the complete supply chain”.

Listening to the need of consumers, innovating, increasing transparency when talking about energy sources and sharing key information between competitors and with corporates are some of the ideas in which emphasis has been placed along the session.

As one participant described, buying renewable energy is about contributing to the “energy revolution”. Climate change is hitting hard and all our efforts should be focused on driving forward the renewables industry, which today we know is the only future. A green future.