Iliad Group closes three new PPAs for EKOenergy-labelled solar

The Iliad Group (Free in France, Play in Poland) announced that its branches have signed three more PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) involving the supply of EKOenergy-labelled solar power in France, Italy, and Poland. In France, the EKOenergy supplier is Engie; in Italy and Poland, it’s Statkraft.

The Iliad Group is Europe’s sixth-largest telecommunications group, operating through its various subsidiaries in France, Italy, and Poland. Two years ago, the Iliad Group decided to switch to 100% EKOenergy-labelled electricity, as a way to contribute to speeding up the worldwide energy transition.

We are happy that the Iliad Group reaffirms its choice of EKOenergy, now not as part of a ‘normal electricity contract’ but as part of their PPAs. A PPA is a long-term commitment contract (lasting from 5 to 20 years) between a consumer and an energy supplier, guaranteeing a defined and stable price. The Iliad Group is developing the use of PPAs in all the countries where it operates to support the use of renewable energies locally.

In France, the Iliad Group has undertaken to purchase the renewable electricity produced by the Magné photovoltaic farm in Sainte-Gemme, Charente-Maritime, for 15 years. This is Iliad’s second PPA for EKOenergy-labelled power in Franc. Last year, the company signed another PPA, also with Engie, for the electricity produced by the Labrit photovoltaic farm in the Landes region of France. Together, these 2 PPAs cover 55 GWh of solar energy annually. Iliad’s subsidiary Play signed a PPA for solar power with Stakraft in Poland. The power will come from a solar farm built by Better Energy, which specialises in large-scale renewable energy parks with an integrated focus on local and regional value creation and a solid commitment to nature conservation. Also in Italy, Iliad closed a PPA deal with Statkraft, for solar power from a solar farm that is currently being built in the Latina province. This plant has a nominal capacity of 27.9 MWp and will have an estimated production of 48 GWh per year. In total, the three PPAs signed will result in an energy capacity of 89.5 MW.

You can read in more detail about each of these PPAs in the following articles and press releases.

By choosing EKOenergy, energy users, such as the Iliad Group:

  • Ensure that they use the most sustainable electricity that is available
  • Make an extra effort to support the energy transition worldwide: Through our Climate Fund, they contribute to the funding of solar projects in off-grid communities in low and middle-income countries. Thanks to a growing group of EKOenergy users, EKOenergy can select and fund more and more renewable energy projects. EKOenergy users also enable us, as an environmental NGO, to campaign for renewable energy in many countries.
  • Contribute to the implementation of multiple sustainable development goals.
  • Are entitled to use our internationally recognised and protected logo in their communication. Positive and active communication about renewable energy can inspire many others to act!
  • And much more!

Thanks a lot to all those involved in these deals! We hope your action will inspire more companies to join us in building a world where energy is 100% renewable!

Published: 15 Febuary 2024