Welcome to the REC Market Meeting 2024

Photo: One of the plenary sessions at the REC Market Meeting 2023 | photographer: Robert Tjalondo | www.rockinpictures.com |

As in previous years, EKOenergy is a proud supporting association of the REC Market Meeting conference.

The 12th edition of the REC Market Meeting will take place in Amsterdam on Apritl 16th and 17th. The central theme of this year’s edition is «Valuing consumer action».

The REC Market Meeting is a global expert meeting about renewable energy markets. What started as a small meeting in 2011 to provide a platform for discussing Guarantees of Origin in Europe has grown to become one of the largest and most well-respected conferences for experts in the development of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and renewable energy markets around the world. In 2023, the conference was completely sold out and welcomed more than 500 delegates.

Delegates can hear from actors across the EAC value chain, including regulators, system operators, producers, traders, buyers, and end-users. Together with the organisers, EKOenergy wants to ensure that long-term experts and newcomers have a fruitful conference with plenty of opportunities to meet, learn and discuss.

Photo: Robert Tjalondo

Given the success of previous years, the REC Market Meeting will run a programme with three parallel streams again. Each session will highlight different ways of valuing consumer action and markets in the transition to 100% renewable energy. The streams will collectively cover topics that cater to the interests of more delegates from more countries than ever before.

EKOenergy is mainly involved in the organisation of the C-stream sessions, which provide basic information about tracking systems. The C-stream will focus on the various stages of the life cycle of tracking certificates and highlight new developments. One of the C-stream sessions will feature the role of ecolabels such as EKOenergy and Green-e and explain the practicalities of working with an ecolabel.

For the program and registration, see the conference website: recmarket.eu.

Published: 29 January 2024