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Help us do more

EKOenergy for Europe

Our vision is to slow down climate change by making a complete switch to renewables on the European electricity market. Our mission is to stimulate the development of the renewables sector, to promote climate friendly solutions, to protect biodiversity and to inform consumers about the origin of the power they buy. We started from Northern Europe, and we are gradually spreading over the world.

We are proud of our results of 2015.

  • More than 100,000 consumers bought EKOenergy certified electricity.
  • Electricity suppliers from 12 different countries signed our Licence Agreement.
  • We have financed solar panel installations on schools in Tanzania, Cameroon and Indonesia.
  • We have actively participated in several river restoration projects in Finland.
  • More than 60 volunteers and trainees help us to communicate about nature, climate change and renewable energy, in more than 20 languages.

Help us do even more in 2016

The current EKOenergy Secretariat: Two staff, five trainees, five volunteers

During our start up, we have been supported by the Finnish Ministry of the Economy. But from now on, we have to stand on our own two feet. The sales of EKOenergy labelled electricity bring in money to run the secretariat, but they are not yet enough to start new initiatives.

  • We need € 950 to host a foreign volunteer for one month. This includes rent, food and transport; although we get funding from EVS, it does not cover all expenses. Our volunteers play a huge role in getting EKOenergy started in new countries.
  • We need at least 2 more computers; as our tasks grow, so does our team.
  • Our digital communication costs € 2000: server, website, newsletter, online campaigns. We economize a lot, but campaigns cost money, even if done on social media.
  • Although we mainly use electronic materials, we do need paper leaflets and information sheets too. Our estimated cost of these is € 1000 per year. With € 5 we can print 1 copy of our comic and send it to schools and supporters. The list goes on, this was just to give some insight. We are very grateful if you decide to support the work of EKOenergy.

Buy the EKOenergy Comic or the EKOenergy bag

You can help us by buying products from the EKOenergy shop.

  • EKO-Sofia – An introduction to green energy“, English, B5 format, 36 pages. Minimum €6 (sending costs included).
  • EKO-Sofia – Fossilian uhka“, Finnish, B5, 36 pages. Minimum price € 6 (sending costs included)
  • We are considering printing and selling other language versions. Contact infosmall ekoenergy for prices and conditions.
  • EKOenergy shopping bag. Minimum price €20.

We welcome donations

We also welcome donations.  You can make a single, monthly or annual donation.

(permit to collect donations nr. 2020/2012/4007)

Contact Steven.Vanholmesmall ekoenergy, +358 505687385 or Riku.Eskelinensmall ekoenergy, +358 50 5727782 for more information.


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IBAN: FI07 8000 1600 6082 11
Reference: Mention EKOenergy. If you are buying something from our shop, mention type of product and amount. If you donate and you want your money to go to a specific project, mention it. It is also possible to send us extra information by e-mail: infosmall ekoenergy

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