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EKOenergy’s Climate Fund

Fundraising for climate projects

How does ecolabel raise funds

One of the ways EKOenergy ensures additionality is through the Climate Fund. Through the Fund, green energy projects that would not have happened otherwise are financed, thanks to users of EKOenergy labelled electricity.

EKOenergy does not set up its own projects, but donates to projects managed by experienced organisations. Most importantly, the organisations work in close cooperation with local partners. The selected projects are also a part of larger, long lasting and ambitious projects.

Licensed sellers and EKOenergy consumers are actively involved in the selection. As a result, the projects are selected through a transparent and open process. The final decision is taken by the EKOenergy Board.



Between 2014 and 2018, we financed 28 projects in 17 countries. For an overview of the projects and the contributed sums, see our Climate Fund Infographic (PDF, 125 kB)


Projects financed in 2015-2016

Brochure with more information about EKOenergy Climate projectsTotal amount of donation: 146,000 €.

In the brochure “Climate projects 2016 – Funded by EKOenergy users”  you can find more information about our Climate Fund and about 4 more projects which we funded in 2015-2016.

We donated 28,000 € to the Dutch organisation HIVOS, for the installation of solar panels on remote schools in Sumba, an Indonesian Island. We donated 38,000 € to the Swiss organisation Solafrica to install solar panels on schools and health centers in Southern Cameroon. The Belgian organisation Solar Without Borders got 10,000€ to install solar kiosks in Togo. And the UK based organisation Practical Action received 5,000 € for a project to bring solar energy to remote villages in the Peruvian Andes.

In the following “Climate Stories” – leaflets, you can find more information about two more projects from the same period.


Climate projects selected in 2017

Total amount of donation: 190,618 €.
For the Palestine and South Africa projects, the Siemenpuu Foundation financed an equal amount on top of EKOenergy’s contribution.


Climate projects selected in 2018

Total amount of donation: 238,693 €


Solar Clinics in Karen State, Myanmar

Green Empowerment and Border Green Energy Team will provide clean energy to eight clinics, one training center for addiction treatment workers, and one school. EKOenergy donated 17,735 € to this project.

  • Beneficiaries: Approximately 29,700 people living in Karen villages and refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border.
  • Status: Ongoing


Safe and Healthy Schools in Apurimac, Peru

Practical Action is providing access to energy, water and sanitation, as well as information and communication technologies. Furthermore, they will carry out training and health promotion activities with the aim of creating safe and healthy schools. EKOenergy donated 28,558 € to fund the solar power supply for the project.

  • Beneficiaries: Schools in Apurimac, Peru.
  • Status: Ongoing


Green energy for development – renewable electricity in Myanmar

Istituto Oikos will install a solar minigrid in a remote area of Thandwe District, in the southern Rakhine State. Most importantly, the project will guarantee equal access to reliable and green energy. EKOenergy donates 15,000 € to this project.

  • Beneficiaries: 25 households (56 men and 41 women, total 97 people), living in Nyaung Chaung village, part of the Gwa Township.
  • Status: Ongoing


Solar Kiosks for Togo

Solar without Borders is installing smart solar nano grids in Togo. Furthermore, the families will become the owner of the solar system after 4 years. EKOenergy donated 6,000 € to the project.

  • Beneficiaries: 8 households.
  • Status: Ongoing


Enlightening children’s future, Madagascar

Swiss organisation CEAS will grant access to electricity in a rural village. Meanwhile, it will provide energy related services to the villagers. The village school will have access to electric light and outlets. And the solar kiosk will also allow evening classes, such as literacy classes for the parents. EKOenergy donated 18,000 € to this project.

  • Beneficiaries: Whole population of Amboanjobe village.
  • Status: Ongoing


Solar powered Water and Energy Kiosk in Western Kenya

This project of Solafrica aims at providing affordable energy source and reliable, clean water for agricultural production and drinking. EKOenergy donated 23,400 € to this project.

  • Status: Ongoing


Solar energy for North-Darfur, Sudan

This is the continuation of a project EKOenergy financed in 2017. For 2018, EKOenergy donated 40,000 € to strengthen the development of the revolving fund, social infrastructure and women led income generating activities. Same as before, the project is implemented by Practical Action.


Energizing Myanmar’s Dry Zone: Solar PV Drip Irrigation Systems, Myanmar

48,000 € is donated to Renewable Energy Association of Myanmar (23,000 € from EKOenergy and 25,000 € from Siemenpuu Foundation). The project will establish 10 Solar PV drip irrigation systems. It will also benefit the long term protection of aquifers.

  • Beneficiaries: 5-villages of the Dry Zone of Myanmar
  • Status: Ongoing


Electrification for improving rural livelihood, Nepal

40,000 € (20,000 € from EKOenergy and 20,000 € from Siemenpuu Foundation) goes to Center for Rural Technology of Nepal, for the installation of 2 pico-hydro units. The river is partially diverted without making bigger dams in the separate canal for electricity generation. The size of the installation is only 5 kW, so this will consume around 10-15 % of water flowing in the river without affecting the river biodiversity.

  • Beneficiaries: 115 households without access to electricity in Hupsikot Nawalparasi district and 70 in Udayapur district of Nepal.
  • Status: Ongoing


Design and installation of a locally fabricated wind turbine system & solar power, Nepal

37,000 € (22,000 € from EKOenergy and 15,000 € from Siemenpuu) goes to the Nepalese Energy, Environment Research and Development Centre for the design and installation of a locally fabricated 1 kW wind turbine system with additional solar power of 3 kW.

  • Beneficiaries: 40 households and a primary school in in Upper Mustang, Nepal.
  • Status: Ongoing


Solar Energy for Community Resilience in Nepal

25,000 € is donated to a project of Renewable World. The project will establish a multi function, community owned solar microgrid to reduce energy poverty and social inequality. It will thus ensure that the community has easier access to work, adequate medical care and to live in safety.

  • Beneficiaries: 2,750 people in the off grid community of Surkhet District, Nepal.
  • Status: Ongoing

Let’s do more

More projects are waiting. Do you want to help us do more? Switch to EKOenergy ecolabelled electricity and ask others to do the same.

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