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Basecamp Oulanka

Basecamp Oulanka uses EKOenergy

Basecamp Oulanka is a complex of wooden buildings providing comfortable and cosy accommodation in a stunning location overlooking Lake Juuma and backing onto Oulanka National Park in Finland. We are happy that Basecamp Oulanka choose to take an extra step to protect nature by using EKOenergy-labelled renewable electricity. See more information about Basecamp Oulanka on their website. …

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Studying ice in Greenland

A study trip to Greenland One of our objectives was to study CO2 fluxes between the ocean and atmosphere. CO2 flux refers to the amount of CO2 (measured in moles) moving through unit square meter area per second. We analysed data collected from a measurement station located in a fjord ’Young Sound’ in the high …

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Amongst the 100 best

EKOenergy has been one of the winners of the ”100 projects for the climate” initiative led by the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and the Sea. This participatory program aimed to promote citizen initiatives that address climate issues. The citizens elected the 100 best projects that could benefit from support, visibility, and promotion until …

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A sunny day out in Vihti!

Since the first hydropower dams, rivers have been suffering due to the demand that hydropower places on the local ecosystem. EKOenergy is working to alleviate some of these damages. As well as only certifying hydropower that is sustainable, EKOenergy has an Environmental Fund which is used to restore rivers and fish passes. Our team from the …

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Saimaa Brewing Company uses EKOenergy

Saimaa Brewing Company (Saimaan Juomatehdas) is one of the sustainability pioneers of the Finnish brewery industry. “By using EKOenergy, we can guarantee that the environmental impacts of the electricity which we use are as small as possible,” Jussi Laukkanen, the CEO of Saimaan Juomatehdas explains. “We don’t think that respecting the principles of environmental friendliness and …

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Switching to EKOenergy for Otava was easy

Last year, the whole Otava Group switched to EKOenergy. This means that all ‘Suomalainen Kirjakauppa’ bookstores now use EKOenergy-certified electricity. Otava is the second largest publishing house in Finland, and their printing house also uses EKOenergy. Many think that switching to eco-labelled electricity is a difficult and complex thing to do in a company with …

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A new trend: 100% EKOenergy

A lot of electricity sellers are joining strengths with EKOenergy. Only in 2016, already 15 more sellers took the decision to start offering EKOenergy to their consumers. Very interesting is that 2 of these new sellers take it even one step further: they sell ONLY EKOenergy. They follow the example of the Finnish company Ekosähkö, …

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City of Lappeenranta uses EKOenergy-labelled electricity

Lappenranta city started using EKOenergy-labelled renewable electricity in all its properties, making Lappeenranta the first EKOenergy city. Learn more about the city’s sustainability and environmental commitments on the Green Reality website. Check out our user stories to see the interviews with EKOenergy users we regularly publish. Published on 20 April 2016

Our Climate Fund drives new renewable projects

Thanks to last year’s sales, EKOenergy’s Climate Fund is able to keep on financing new renewable energy projects in developing countries. We have just decided on our first donations of 2016: we will support solar projects in Tanzania, Cameroon and Togo. € 30, 000 for Oikos’ ‘Solar for Schools’ in Tanzania This project takes place …

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