EKOenergy’s Annual Report 2023

At the recent COP28 climate conference in Dubai, nations have finally agreed to move away from fossil fuels. That’s a remarkable step forward, especially considering the presence of over 2400 fossil fuel lobbyists at the conference and the OPEC urging member states to reject any agreement targeting fossil fuels.

At EKOenergy, we will use all opportunities to remind politicians of the commitments they have made. At the same time, we continue our work to promote renewable energy. ”Deeds, not words” says our mission statement. Our label is a concrete tool for individuals, companies, and public entities to transition away from fossil fuels and help others do the same.

Our annual report ”EKOenergy ecolabel in 2023 – Together we are unstoppable” (PDF, 35 pages, 4 Mb) is full of inspiring stories and achievements, all of these small but hopeful victories in the transition to 100% renewable energy.

  • 33 new authorised sellers from 24 countries in all (inhabited continents),
  • We funded 21 new solar projects in 16 low- and middle-income countries, for a total sum of almost 1.2 million euros,
  • We launched the EKOdirect module to facilitate the work of EKOenergy sellers,
  • We set up the EKOappetite campaign, targeting companies in the food sector,
  • We were in daily contact with energy companies and energy consumers from all over the world,
  • We granted €50,000 to the #Renewables4Ukraine campaign,
  • We cooperated with many likeminded organisations and networks, such as Climate Action Network Europe and the RECS Energy Certificate Association,
  • And much more!

Thanks a lot to all of you who help us achieve so much: our network of authorised sellers, the growing community of EKOenergy users, the organisations implementing the Climate Fund projects, our friends and partners from other environmental NGOs and many more.

Thanks to the support and efforts of many, we grow year after year, at an average rate of about 40%. This helps us achieve more concrete results and make more impact each year.

If you aren’t an EKOenergy user yet, we invite you to become one. If you are using EKOenergy-labelled electricity already, thanks so much, and feel free to inform your audience about it. And for those who want to do even more, remember that the EKOenergy ecolabel is also available for gas and heat and that we welcome additional funding for our Climate and Environmental Fund.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone is needed. Together, we can and will phase out fossil fuels fast, fair, and forever.

Published: 2 January 2024