Celebrate the International Day for Biodiversity by choosing EKOenergy

Today, 22nd of May is the International Day for Biodiversity. Since the early 2000s, the United Nations have used this date to raise awareness and increase our understanding of the global biodiversity loss. This year’s theme is “Our Biodiversity, our food, our health” to highlight the role biodiversity plays in transforming food systems and improving human health.

Much of the planets’ food security, nutrition and health are dependent on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. With this is mind, it is somewhat ironic that one of the leading causes of global loss of biodiversity is unsustainable agricultural practices, such as deforestation for cattle farming (or to grow food for the cattle) and draining of wetlands for irrigation.

Earlier this month, the IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) published a Global Assessment Report, the most comprehensive study to date, presenting evidence of global biodiversity breakdown. The alarming report showed that up to one million species are under threat of extinction within the next few decades as a result of human behaviour.

Around the same time, a separate study published in Nature science magazine found that only a third of world’s rivers are still free flowing. The construction of dams and reservoirs for energy production and irrigation are the leading causes of the flow fragmentation globally. Continuous water flow in rivers is crucial to ensure healthy fish populations and aquatic biodiversity, both of which are in rapid decline.

Business and Biodiversity is a programme by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) designed to highlight the value of biodiversity for sustainable business operation. Many companies are evaluating their impacts on the biodiversity and are developing innovative solutions to transform the way businesses value, manage and invest in nature. A simple solution to limit the negative impacts on biodiversity is to choose renewable energy that is produced with nature in mind.

EKOenergy is an ecolabel for renewable energy. Only electricity from solar and wind installations outside of protected nature areas can be sold as EKOenergy, and EKOenergy approved hydropower complies with strict environmental criteria safeguarding river connectivity, spawning habitats and fish migration. By choosing EKOenergy to power your business, you are ensuring your consumption does not contribute to the collapse of biodiversity. In addition, by choosing EKOenergy labelled hydropower you are supporting river restoration projects through the Environmental Fund. Choose EKOenergy and ensure that your electricity bill does not cost the earth!

Written by Karlina Ozolina
Posted on 22 May 2019