A new trend: 100% EKOenergy

A lot of electricity sellers are joining strengths with EKOenergy. Only in 2016, already 15 more sellers took the decision to start offering EKOenergy to their consumers. Very interesting is that 2 of these new sellers take it even one step further: they sell ONLY EKOenergy. They follow the example of the Finnish company Ekosähkö, which has been selling 100% eco-labelled electricity for years.

Ekosähkö was the first

The Finnish company Ekosähkö has sold 100% eco-labelled electricity for years: they started in the 1990s with Norppaenergia label, and since the launch of EKOenergy, they adhere to the international EKOenergy criteria.

This year Ekosähkö has launched a new product, ”fisherman’s electricity”, in cooperation with the Finnish Federation of Hobby Fishermen. The electricity is from wind turbines and biomass. On top of the normal EKOenergy requirements, Ekosähkö also donates 2.5% of the price to the “size matters” project: a project to increase awareness about which fish can be caught and which fishes should be released.

ForGreen S.p.A., the new Italian supplier

ForGreen S.p.A. is the first Italian supplier to sell only EKOenergy electricity. ForGreen developed two special programs, one for companies: ‘Be ForGreen Be Sustainable’, and one for households: ‘WeForGreen’, and the aim is to help both to achieve a more sustainable approach to energy usage.

ForGreen and EKOenergy have a common goal: modifying how consumers approach the energy sector and take decisions about it. We want to provide the consumers with all the information about the origin, type and sustainability of the electricity. Working together will help us to reach this goal”, commented Vincenzo Scotti, the CEO of ForGreen.

Natürlich grün: EKOenergy for Germany

Natürlich grün is the first German supplier to sell only EKOenergy-certified electricity. On top of that, they get their electricity directly from green electricity producers and their consumers are invited to donate 1 Eurocent per kWh to Viva con Agua.

One of their target groups is the owners of heat pumps. If powered by sustainable and renewable electricity, heat pumps are a perfect and sustainable way to heat buildings. That’s why Natürlich grün developed a special price setting, fit to the consumption pattern of heat pumps. Apart from that, they are also the first German supplier with a special tariff for street lightning.

Posted on 30 May 2016