Amongst the 100 best

EKOenergy has been one of the winners of the “100 projects for the climate” initiative led by the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and the Sea.

This participatory program aimed to promote citizen initiatives that address climate issues. The citizens elected the 100 best projects that could benefit from support, visibility, and promotion until the 2016 COP22 in Marrakech.

EKOenergy is one of the 100 most voted innovative solutions! It is with pride and recognition that we went to the French Embassy alongside other climate change actors for the award ceremony. 

Here is an extract from the letter we received from the French Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Sea:

The French Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Sea is glad to announce that your project is among the 100 climate actions elected by world citizens as a part of the “100 Projects for the Climate” initiative. […] Citizens worldwide showed strong support for your project. Congratulations! » 

Thank you for your mobilization, which enabled us to be one of the winners!

Posted on 22 May 2017