Concrete results through the Climate Fund

For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, a minimum of €0.10 goes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. The Climate Fund takes your contribution to wherever it´s needed. And of course, you have your say in the decision: EKOenergy sellers and consumers are actively involved in the selection of the projects.

Why is the Climate Fund a basic element of EKOenergy?

Because it’s important to show to the consumers that with their renewable energy consumption, new renewable energy is born.

Why is the contribution 10 cents per MWh?

We want to keep EKOenergy available for all. Therefore we ask a very limited basic contribution. At the same time, we stress that this is a minimum contribution. We hope our projects will inspire people and encourage them to make extra donations.

Which kind of projects does the Climate Fund finance?

With our first call for projects we targeted developing countries and most of the applications came from Africa. We received 130 applications from 70 different countries. We want to make the best use of each cent, and in developing countries, 1 euro is worth a lot.

Last year, our Climate Fund financed solar panels on schools in 6 schools: 1 in Tanzania, 2 in Indonesia and 3 in Cameroon.

In 2016, we finance projects in 5 countries:

  • On April, 3 solar kiosks have been installed in Togo.
  • In Cameroon, solar energy powered fridges will be installed in 2 health centres.
  • Our first project in Tanzania is getting an ambitious follow up: at least 15 more schools in the area will get solar installations, and we decided to donate €30,000 euros to support this project.
  • We also finance a project to bring solar power to remote rural areas of Northern Nicaragua (€20,000) and Southern Peru (€5,000)

Does it end here? Of course not. This is only the beginning!

Take part in this process!

You can find information about our ongoing projects on the Climate Fund page, in our newsletter and on social media. We are happy and proud to keep you updated about the developments! If you have any suggestions about the projects we select, about how to attract more donations or about the Fund in general, let us know! We welcome your thoughts and comments, any time!

At this moment we are also looking for EKOenergy consumers (and sellers) interested in selecting next years projects. As a member of the jury, you’ll read and score 15 projects. Contact us for more information.

Posted on 9 September 2016