Ecovatios: more EKOenergy in Spain

More and more suppliers and consumers join our campaign for a 100% renewable world. We are happy to announce that ecovatios is the second Spanish seller who offers EKOenergy. Their EKOenergy is 100% solar energy from Spain.

As our second Spanish seller, ecovatios is now ready to offer 100% renewable and sustainable solar energy from Spanish solar panels to its consumers.

Green energy at competitive prices

Ecovatios defines itself as “the new saving provider” and that is because one of the goals of the company is to help its consumers save money, not only through competitive prices but also by facilitating saving measures on consumption: “For ecovatios, the best energy is the one not consumed“, explains Carlos Garcia, its General Manager.

Ecovatios’ strategy is based on trying to minimize the cost of acquiring energy on the market in order to pass on more competitive prices to its customers.

Highly committed to our climate projects

On top of being price competitive, ecovatios also wants to adhere to the highest environmental standards:
“By selling EKOenergy, we want to offer customers an additional accreditation to the Guarantees of Origin” adds Carlos García. “Besides, we love the idea of channelling through EKOenergy a part of our revenue to renewable energy projects in developing countries”.

Posted on 6 June 2016