EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2020 goes to ForGreen!

We’re always thankful to all our licensed sellers for offering EKOenergy-labelled energy all around the world. As we earlier announced, we have decided to highlight EKOenergy licensees’ efforts digitally and to celebrate their work on our social media platforms.

We proudly announce that this year’s EKOenergy Ivy Award goes to ForGreen, the Italian energy supplier selling all their electricity 100% EKOenergy-ecolabelled.

What is “EKOenergy’s Ivy Award”?

Ivy is an evergreen plant which climbs in a steady manner, transforming concrete buildings with its green splendour. EKOenergy’s Ivy Award is for the licensee who has shown remarkable perseverance in promoting EKOenergy-labelled electricity.

Thanks and Congratulations ForGreen!

EKOenergy and the 100% renewable energy supplier ForGreen’s partnership started in March 2016, when ForGreen decided to only sell EKOenergy-labelled energy. In the past years, our collaboration has led to many successes, from breweries switching to 100% renewable energy to eco-friendly energy cooperatives.

Why ForGreen deserves EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2020

ForGreen invests a lot of time and resources into bringing renewable energy closer to people and in involving new stakeholder groups. One of their main tools are their 100% green energy production cooperatives, enabling energy consumers to become producers.

In addition, they actively communicate about their consumers and use them as examples to inspire others, see ForGreen’s green stories. Our fruitful cooperation is made possible thanks to the combination of the local Italian perspective, provided by ForGreen, and the international perspective EKOenergy brings. ForGreen informs consumers about EKOenergy’s results in other countries too. Their local presence together with our international approach has proven to be a very strong combination.

They encourage their clients to talk about their choice of EKOenergy-labelled electricity and to use the EKOenergy logo for their communications. We appreciate that ForGreen joins us in our campaign ideas and communication suggestions as well. Our brewery campaign gained more visibility thanks to their enthusiastic contribution and Italian breweries started switching to EKOenergy. ForGreen also posts about our ecolabel often on their social media platforms/channels and mentions EKOenergy actively in their presentations and communication activities.

EKOenergy considers itself very lucky to work with such a dynamic and innovative partner as ForGreen. We are looking forward to achieving more success through our collaboration in the years to come!

Published on 25 May 2020