EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2022 goes to Deltaglobal SA!

What is EKOenergy’s Ivy Award?

The EKOenergy Ivy Award was created to honor a licensed EKOenergy seller for having made outstanding efforts in promoting EKOenergy-labelled energy.

We thank all our licensed sellers for offering energy with the EKOenergy label around the world. Once a year, we highlight extraordinary achievements and celebrate some of them.

Why ivy?

Ivy is an evergreen plant that climbs steadily, transforming buildings with its verdant splendor. The EKOenergy Ivy Award is for the licensee holder who has shown remarkable efforts and perseverance in promoting electricity with the EKOenergy label.

Thanks and congratulations to Deltaglobal!

We are proud to announce that this year’s EKOenergy Ivy award goes to Deltaglobal SA, for promoting EKOenergy-labelled solar power in Ecuador.

Deltaglobal signed our license agreement in early 2021 and began introducing our label to their consumers immediately after. This was remarkable in many ways: They were the first to offer EKOenergy in Ecuador and one of the first to actively combine our ecolabel with solar energy produced and consumed on-site. Deltaglobal was also one of the first to make EKOenergy-labelled electricity available to small and medium-sized businesses in an electricity market where consumers don’t have many options to choose from. This makes them real pioneers.

Thanks to the commitment of Deltaglobal, consumers such as Tecopesca and the ECOTEC University became EKOenergy users. Tecopesca also added our logo to some of its products. For each new EKOenergy user, Deltaglobal organises a ceremony and hands the proof of their EKOenergy consumption during the event. They also actively communicate about EKOenergy and their EKOenergy-using customers on their website and their social networks.

We contacted Javier Alvarado, General Manager of Deltaglobal to congratulate him and the team on their achievements and ask about their next steps.

What are the main reasons for you to work with EKOenergy?

Our main motivation is to provide companies with an ecological label that allows them to communicate the effort that the company makes to care for the environment. Our clients can use the EKOenergy logo on their products, and this can in turn translate into a greater number of sales for their products too.

EKOenergy has helped us enable our customers to opt for the most sustainable option, thus contributing to accelerating the energy transition. We are happy that Deltaglobal has been able to become a pioneer in Ecuador and promote the EKOenergy label in South America.

Therefore, we include the EKOenergy ecolabel fully in the price as an added value to all our consumers for the first year, after their purchase of our solar installation services.

What do you think would make EKOenergy even more attractive to your customers?

As a service provider and an EKOenergy licensee, it’s attractive enough for us that the label helps our consumers increase their visibility and reach. This happens via interviews, reports, videos, and mentions. We know from experience that EKOenergy will deliver in this regard.

Of course, we hope that this will also give us more visibility as a solar energy company and as the first EKOenergy licensee in Ecuador.

How do you see the development of the partnership between EKOenergy and Deltaglobal? What are your next plans?

From our side, we are very committed to EKOenergy, and we want to establish as one of the services we offer in our company and continue granting it to our customers. This helps us to distinguish is from other solar companies in Ecuador, and helps us to profile ourselves nationwide.

In countries such as Brazil and Colombia, EKOenergy is also available through the purchase of I-RECs from renewable power plants that are located in other parts of the country. This way, customers can be assisted to switch to 100% EKOenergy-labelled electricity. Would that be possible in Ecuador too?

Of course, we are interested, and we are evaluating the options to offer such service to our clients too. For the moment our clients aren’t asking for it yet, but things can change fast. We don’t have so many solar plants that add electricity to the Ecuadoran grid yet, and our own staff needs time to get familiar with such options too.

Thanks a lot Javier and colleagues. We’re looking forward to continuing the productive cooperation!

Published on 24 May 2022