REC Market Meeting 2019’da görüşmek üzere!


EKOenerji, bu yıl da REC Market Meeting’in gururlu partnerlerinden. Her yıl düzenlenen konferans, dünya çapındaki yenilenebilir elektrik piyasalarının talep yanına odaklanıyor. 2019 yılında REC Market Meeting Amsterdam’da, 12-13 Mart’ta gerçekleşecek.

Konferans programı ve daha fazla bilgiye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.


In 2018, the conference covered a wide range of issues and welcomed more than 300 attendees. Above all, this year the organisers are set to make the upcoming edition even bigger and better!

In 2019, the topic is “Markets driving growth in renewables”. The conference will focus on the ongoing energy transition and the role of consumers. Furthermore, the sessions will underline new market developments and methods to buy renewable energy. In addition to that, experts will bring up the potential impacts of Brexit and subsidy free developments.

EKOenergy is particularly involved in the pre conference session on Energy Attribute Certificates and on global reporting standards. That is to say, EKOenergy will introduce the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance in the session. And we will explain how standards such as ISO and GRI, and organisations such as CDP implement the Scope 2 Guidance in their texts. In the pre conference session you can specifically learn about how electricity tracking works, about the ’same market principle’, vintage, and other related issues.

See the full programme of the REC Market Meeting and register here.

(Picture: Marijn de Wijs Photography)