A growing network of positive energy

EKOenergy thrives on the enthusiasm of many.

Our common goal is to promote renewable energy, to help nature and to fight climate change. We also reach out to the electricity sector and to electricity consumers. Our aim is to help consumers make better choices and  give them concrete tools to make a difference.


Climate projects

One of the main tools we use to make a difference is our Climate Fund which finances new projects in developing countries every year. These projects are focused on energy poverty and on multiple Sustainable Development Goals.


River restoration projects

In order to mitigate the environmental impact of existing hydropower plants, EKOenergy created the Environmental Fund through which we are able to finance many river restoration projects every year.

Furthermore, since 2016 we have been partners in the FRESHABIT project. Co-funded by the EU LIFE Program, this large scale project focuses on improving the ecological state of lakes, rivers and streams in Finland.