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100% renewable

first Five-year-report EKOenergy cover photo

First five years

EKOenergy is 5 years old! In February 2013, environmental organisations from 16 European countries launched the first international ecolabel for electricity; the EKOenergy ecolabel. The aim was simple and straightforward: creating an easily recognizable tool to promote sustainable renewable electricity globally. Immediately after the launch, we reached out to energy consumers and sellers in ten …

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EKOenergy, a natural step for sustainable companies

Copade Foundation, Spanish reference in fair trade and responsible forest management promotion, is joining EKOenergy in taking one more step towards sustainability. Since the beginning of 2018, the Development Cooperation NGO has been powered entirely with EKOenergy labelled 100% sustainable electricity. We had the chance to speak with Javier Fernández, Copade’s general director, to see …

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Athletes for EKOenergy

For some people, it’s easy to dismiss Climate Change as something that is happening far away; it’s melting the ice caps, causing a freak hurricane and floods on a different continent, destroying the Arctic…not directly affecting me!  However, what we must always remember is that the preservation of the environment is intrinsic to everything that …

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Green Key and EKOenergy enter a collaboration agreement

Green Key is a prestigious eco-label for the tourism and hospitality industry with criteria dealing with environmental management, corporate social responsibility and awareness-raising. Green Key is currently awarded to more than 2,500 establishments in 53 countries. The programme is run by the international charity, Foundation for Environmental Education. EKOenergy is a non-profit organisation specialised in …

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100% renewable is the solution

Global leaders from government, business and the UN gathered for a high-level meeting at COP22 to call for a transition to 100% renewable energy worldwide to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. The meeting was hosted by the Moroccan Presidency of COP22 and the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), a coalition of 47 governments, to assess …

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Protect Our Winters!

Enni Rukajärvi and Protect Our Winters ask Finns to switch to EKOenergy Protect Our Winters (POW) Finland is launching a campaign bearing its name in an effort to get Finnish downhill skiers and ski resorts aboard in the fight against climate change by switching to EKOenergy-certified renewable electricity.  The face of the campaign is snowboarder …

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A new trend: 100% EKOenergy

A lot of electricity sellers are joining strengths with EKOenergy. Only in 2016, already 15 more sellers took the decision to start offering EKOenergy to their consumers. Very interesting is that 2 of these new sellers take it even one step further: they sell ONLY EKOenergy. They follow the example of the Finnish company Ekosähkö, …

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Lappeenranta: The first EKOenergy city in the world

The wonderful city of Lappeenranta has decided to switch to EKOenergy! Today, Mayor Kimmo Jarva and Lappeenranta Energy’s CEO Reijo Kolehmainen signed an agreement guaranteeing EKOenergy for the city of Lappeenranta for the period 2017-2020. At the signing ceremony, the city also got the EKOenergy certificate. Program manager of EKOenergy Riku Eskelinen says that Lappeenranta …

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