Raha kliimaprojektidele

Iga EKOenergiana müüdud megavatt-tunni (MWh) kohta läheb EKOenergia kliimafondi vähemalt 10 eurosenti. Raha investeeritakse kliimaprojektidesse, mis ilma toetusteta teoks ei saaks.

EKOenergia ei alusta oma projekte, vaid rahastab kogenud projektiarendajate projekte.

Projektid valitakse välja läbipaistva ja avatud protsessiga, millesse on aktiivselt kaasatud elektrimüüjad ja tarbijad. Lõpliku otsuse teeb EKOenergia nõukogu.

Climate projects 2018

(First series – more projects will be announced in July 2018)

  • Solar Clinics in Karen State, Myanmar : Green Empowerment and Border Green Energy Team will provide renewable energy to eight clinics, one training center for addiction treatment workers, and one school in order to improve medical and education services. Approximately 29,700 people living in Karen villages and refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border will benefit from the outcomes. This will be accomplished through the installation of 280-350-watt solar electricity systems and accompanying training in operation and maintenance. The systems will generate a combined total of 3kW of electricity to enhance the quality of medical operations of these facilities. EKOenergy donated 17735 euro to this project.
  • Safe and Healthy Schools in Apurimac, Peru : Practical Action is providing access to energy, water and sanitation, as well as information and communication technologies to schools in Apurimac, Peru. The schools are supported with training and health promotion activities with the aim of creating safe and healthy schools. EKOenergy donates 28558 euro to Practical Action to help fund the solar (PV) power supply for the project.
  • Green energy for development – renewable electricity in rural area of Rakhine State, Myanmar : Istituto Oikos will install a Solar mini-grid in a remote area of Thandwe District, in the southern Rakhine State. The action will guarantee equal access to reliable and renewable energy for 25 households (56 men and 41 women, total 97 persons), living in Nyaung Chaung village, part of the Gwa Township. EKOenergy donates 15000 euro to this project.
  • Solar Kiosks for Togo : Solar without Borders is installing Smart Solar Nano Grids in Togo. A Smart Solar Nano Grid is an off-grid solar system that provides 8 neighbouring families with sustainable energy on 220V. Every family has his own energy meter. With a simple SMS they can top up their energy credits on their meter. The 8 families pay off together the solar system by paying up front for their consumption. After 4 years the system is paid off and the families become the owner of the solar system. EKOenergy donates 6000 euro to the project.
  • Enlightening children’s future, Madagascar : This is a project of the Swiss organisation CEAS. The primary goal of the project is to grant access to electricity to a school in the rural village of Amboanjobe. Meanwhile, it will provide energy-related services to the whole population. A solar kiosk close to the school will allow each class to have access to electric light and outlets, allowing the pupils to have better learning conditions. It will also allow after dark classes, for those who need it, or for parents in need of literacy classes. EKOenergy donates 18000 euro to this project.
  • Solar powered Water and Energy Kiosk in Western Kenya : This project of Solafrica aims at providing affordable energy source and to promote the conservation of environment through provision of reliable and clean water for agricultural production and drinking. EKOenergy donates 23400 euro to this project.
  • Solar energy for North-Darfur, Sudan : Continuation of a project that we started financing in 2017. For 2018, we donate 40,000 euro to strengthen the developement of the revolving fund and to extend solar power services to clinics, social infrastructure and women led income generating activities. The project is implemented by Practical Action.
  • Four more projects have been selected, for a total of 90,000 euro. The beneficiaries will be published here in July 2018.

Climate projects 2017

  • Energy cafe in Tajikistan: We donated € 15,000 to the Norwegian organisation Naturvernforbundet for a project in Tajikistan. In cooperation with a local community organisation Oyandasoz they set up a solar powered energy café in the remote village Nisur and started a distribution network for solar lights. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy Tajikistan project.
  • Solar for health centers in Guinea:  € 15,618 was donated to the French organisation Santé Sud, for a project in Guinea. This project aims to improve health care access of more than 50 000 residents. Santé Sud seeks to provide eco-friendly rural electrification through solar panels for health centres. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy Guinea project
  • Home lighting systems for villages in India: € 17,000 was donated to Gram Vikas for a home lighting installation project in India. In total, 120 households will be covered. Remote communities without connection to the main grid will be given priority, such as the remote and interior pockets of the Kalahandi district of Odisha, India. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy India project
  • Solar for schools in Madagascar: € 25,000 was donated to a project of the Swiss Organisation CEAS in Madagascar. With the money, they will install 3 solar powered kiosks at schools in rural villages in Madagascar. One installation is ready, and two more will follow in early 2018. Click here for more information about EKOenergy Madagascar project.
  • Solar energy for Zululand, South Africa: Siemenpuu Foundation and EKOenergy donated together € 35,000 (EKOenergy’s share: €18.000) to a project of the Africa Conservation Trust, South Africa. Their Zululand Community Solar Project “aims to provide solar lighting systems to families living in the Kwadlakuse and Esikhuthwaneni communities – two deeply rural villages in Northern KwaZulu – Natal. This region forms part of the Zululand District Municipality, one of the poorest districts in South Africa largely due to its history as a marginalised homeland”. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy South Africa project.
  • Solar energy for Palestine: A project of the Palestinian organisation Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem was given € 30,000 of funding. Siemenpuu Foundation and EKOenergy each paid half of that amount. They will install solar installations for poor households and other community buildings in Bethlehem. For more information about EKOenergy’s Palestine project, click here.
  • Smart energy kiosks for Togo: € 20,000 was donated to the Belgian organisation Solar without Borders (Solar zonder grenzen) for the installation of 6 more smart solar kiosks and mini grids in Togo. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy project in Togo
  • Solar pumps for women in Senegal: EKOenergy donated € 20,000 to Fondem (Fondation Énergies pour le Monde). With the money, they have installed 2 solar pumps in Ouonck, a village in South Senegal, where agriculture is a main economic activity. Click here for a pdf with more information about EKOenergy project for Senegal
  • Solar energy for North-Darfur, Sudan: We donated € 45.000 to a project of the British organisation Practical Action, in the village of Barbujat, El Fashir, within the North Darfur state of Sudan. 100 households will get solar lantern sets, which will replace the use of kerosene and wood for indoor lighting. 20 solar lanterns will be provided to the local market place. A solar powered grain mill will replace current unreliable diesel operated mills that frequently break down and are costly to run. This will reduce the need of women to queue around the few functional mills for several hours a day. Click here for  a pdf with more information about EKOenergy Sudan project.

Projektid 2015-2016

Õige pea pärast EKOenergia loomist otsustasime kasutada esimest Kliimafondi raha projektide toetamiseks arengumaades. Valisime selle tee, kuna seal on üsna väikeste summadega võimalik ellu kutsuda suuri positiivseid muudatusi. Loomulikult oleme me alati avatud ka teistele pakkumistele.

2013. aasta juunis kuulutasime välja konkursi projektide leidmiseks ning septembriks 2013 jõudis meieni 100 taotlust rohkem kui 130 projektiga. Taotlejaid oli rohkem kui 30 riigist ja projektide asukohad olid üle nelja kontinendi rohkem kui 70 riigis. Välise žürii abil valisime välja kolm projekti, millele lähemal ajal keskenduda.

Aastatel 2014, 2015 ja 2016 rahastasime me järgnevaid projekte:

  • Tansaania: 40 000 eurot Itaalia organisatsioonile Istituto Oikos, kes paigaldab päikesepaneele Põhja-Tansaania koolidele.
  • Indoneesia: 28 000 eurot Taani organisatsioonile HIVOS, kes paigaldab päikesepaneele asustusest kaugel asuvatesse koolidesse Sumbal (Indoneesia saar).
  • Kamerun: 38 000 eurot Šveitsi organisatsioonile SolAfrica päikesepaneelide paigaldamiseks koolidele ja tervisekeskustele Lõuna-Kamerunis.
  • Togo: 10 000 eurot Belgia organisatsioonile Solar without borders päikesekioskite paigaldamiseks Togos.
  • Peru: € 5,000 to the international organisation Practical Action, for a project to bring solar energy to remote villages in the Peruvian Andes

Kõik organisatsioonid tegutsevad tihedas koostöös kohalike partneritega. Kõik projektid on osa suurtest, pikaajalistest ja ambitsioonikatest projektidest.

We published a booklet highlighting four of the projects we financed last year through our Climate Fund. “Climate Projects 2016 – Funded by EKOenergy Users“.

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