EKOenergy co-finances 4 solar energy projects in Mali

Thanks to consumers of EKOenergy-labelled energy, EKOenergy’s Climate Fund supports renewable energy projects in developing countries. These initiatives focus on realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have now decided to grant 45,000 € from our Climate Fund to 4 more projects, these 4 being solar energy projects in Mali.

The new projects have been selected in cooperation with the Siemenpuu Foundation, who specialises in supporting environmental and democracy-related projects of local NGOs in the South (mainly Mali, Nepal and Myanmar). The Siemenpuu Foundation itself will grant another 138,000 euro to similar projects – with this funding made available through the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

All projects will include the installation of solar panels, as well as training around renewable energy and advocacy work to promote and facilitate the uptake of renewable energy in the wider region. All supported local organisations are members of the Malinese Reso Climat, a civil society network focussing on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

1. Solar for schools and health centres in Koumantou (OMAFES)

15,000 € from EKOenergy and 33,000 € from Siemenpuu Foundation will be granted to support this project.

Implementing organisation Œuvre Malienne d’Aide à la Femme et à l’Enfant au Sahel (OMAFES) has been active since 1991. OMAFES works to support local communities in their development projects, with an emphasis on environmental issues and the role of women and children. Recent projects have focused on campaigns against child marriages, on strengthening local communities in the fight against radicalism and extremism and on adaptation to climate change. These previous projects were carried out in the Koulikoron, Sikasso, Mopti and Bamako regions.

This newly supported project will equip public schools and health centres with solar photovoltaic lighting in five villages in the municipality of Koumantou (N’tjila Maro, Tounfouga, Zamba, Mena and Kola). This will improve the conditions for the over 3000 students in these schools and for the patients of the health centres, particularly pregnant woman. For the installations, management committees will be set up consisting of villagers, and the participants of these committees will receive proper training. The project will also disseminate information on renewable energy sources to a wider audience, for example via local radio and via the municipal event day.

2. Solar energy to improve the livelihood of farmers (AMFCE)

7,500 € from EKOenergy and 42,500 € from Siemenpuu Foundation will be granted to a solar project of Association Malienne pour la Conservation de la Faune et l’Environnement (AMCFE).

AMCFE works to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and has extensive experience in environmental issues and in different areas of Mali. They focus on raising environmental awareness, on environmental education and on the rehabilitation of natural sites. Recent projects have worked on biogas, hazardous chemicals and natural tree regeneration in the Segou and Kayes regions.

This new project will see the installation of a solar-powered water tower and sun dryers for the preservation of agricultural products in the central villages of two municipalities (Sanankoroba and Dialakoroba). 25 women will be trained in how to maintain the photovoltaic equipment and the water distribution system. In addition, 25 people will be trained to incorporate renewable energies (wind and sun) into local and regional development plans (Programmes de développement économique social et culturel – PDESC). About 300 women and girls currently cultivate parcels of land in the irrigated area and will directly benefit from this initiative. The aim is to strengthen sustainable livelihoods for women and their families while reducing women’s participation in the unsustainable firewood trade.

3. Light and power for Sogola (OMADEZA)

A further 7,500 € from EKOenergy and 41,500 € from Siemenpuu Foundation will be granted to support this project.

The implementing organisation Œuvre Malienne pour le Développement des Zones Arides (OMADEZA) has been active since 1992. Recent projects have focused on promoting sustainable agriculture and natural tree regeneration in the Sikasso and Kayes regions.

This newly supported project will take place in the village of Sogola in which 40 street lamps with photovoltaic panels will be installed, as well as solar panels in the buildings of a women’s production cooperative and in a maternity clinic. Currently, petrol lamps are used for lighting and villagers need to go to the municipal centre 10 km away to charge batteries.

Street lamps will benefit some 2000+ villagers (of whom 420 are school children) as the project will not only see the electrification of women’s cooperatives but also the introduction of charging points for mobile phones open to all villagers (charging points allow 100 mobile phones to be charged simultaneously). The members of the women’s cooperatives (367 women) will be the main beneficiaries of its electrification, whilst women from other villages – who use the cooperative’s infrastructure for the processing of food products they have harvested – will too benefit.

The project will involve the villagers in the maintenance of the installations. Additionally, a board of directors will be elected to overview the electrification project and to develop clear rules for the use of the installations. The villagers will also be involved in the co-financing of the equipment.

4. Solar power for 2 health centres (ASIC)

Finally, 15,000 € from EKOenergy and 21,000 € from Siemenpuu Foundation will be granted to support this project.

The implementing organisation Association de Soutien aux Initiatives Communautaires (ASIC) has been operating since 2001. In addition to Bamako, it has offices in Bla, Kolokan, Kita and Tenenkou. Previous projects have focused on areas such as sustainable rural livelihoods and health and environmental issues.

This latest project will install refrigerators and solar energy installations in health centres in the villages of Dougabougou and Sagabala. The health station management committees will be trained in the use of equipment. Two local technicians/electricians will also be trained and equipped with tools for servicing and repairing the equipment. The project will also provide broader information on climate change and its impacts on local communities. The project will benefit the residents of the area, a total of almost 15 000 people.

For an overview of all projects financed through EKOenergy’s Climate Fund, see our Climate Fund page.

Published on 2 June 2020 – The pictures are archive pictures from AMFCE and are not related to the financed projects.