EKOenergy awards for our licensees

We’re always thankful to consumers for choosing EKOenergy and above all, to our licensed sellers that make it possible. By offering EKOenergy-labelled energy to consumers and regularly mentioning the EKOenergy ecolabel, the licensees contribute to our growing network of positive energy and help us move closer to a 100% renewable and sustainable future.

In order to appreciate the work of EKOenergy sellers worldwide, we’ve decided to highlight their efforts digitally and celebrate their work on our social media.

This year we are starting with awards for two categories:

  • “EKOenergy’s Ivy Award” for the licensee who has shown remarkable perseverance in promoting EKOenergy-labelled electricity.
  • “EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award” for the licensee who has had the highest growth percentage of EKOenergy sales in the past calendar year.

Why “EKOenergy’s Ivy Award”?

Ivy is an evergreen, which often climbs unnoticed but in a steady manner, transforming concrete buildings with its green splendour. Its fast spread and resilience are inspiring.

Why “EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award”?

In addition to its very speedy growth, bamboo stores high volumes of carbon. It thrives without any fertilizer and has many uses as a material. Its strength and record-breaking growth rate are self-explanatory.

We are looking forward to announcing the winners of EKOenergy’s Ivy and Bamboo Awards. Stay tuned!

Published on 23 April 2020