EKOappetite: EKOenergy for the food sector

Annual campaigns to promote renewable energy

Users of EKOenergy-labelled energy enable us to set up renewable energy campaigns through which we reach out to energy consumers across the world. Our previous campaigns targeted breweries, the hospitality industry, green buildings, winter sports centres (in cooperation with Protect Our Winters), chocolate manufacturers, and the fashion and beauty industries, among others. Last year, we ran the EKOpixel campaign to inform companies from the gaming industry about how they can switch to clean, environmentally-friendly energy.

With this year’s EKOappetite campaign, we want to encourage companies in the food sector to join other EKOenergy users and take climate action by switching to EKOenergy-labelled renewables to show leadership in their sector.

The food industry plays a vital role in shaping the quality and enjoyment of our day-to-day life, but it also significantly contributes to climate change. With our EKOappetite campaign, we remind food and beverage companies of all types that they can take another step in their sustainability journey by considering the impact on the planet when choosing their energy.

Food and beverages made with EKOenergy

Our society at large is getting more and more aware of the negative impacts of production and consumption. As such, many increasingly appreciate companies that communicate about their reduced environmental impact.

As part of our outreach campaign, we contact food and beverage companies and explain to them the extra environmental benefits of choosing EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy. We inform them about how they can switch to EKOenergy regardless of any energy purchasing method they use.

Switching to EKOenergy-labelled renewables means that as an energy consumer, you contribute to the promotion of renewables worldwide as well as supporting new renewable energy projects. After agreeing to buy EKOenergy from their suppliers, restaurants, beverage producers and food manufacturers can communicate to their clients, partners and stakeholders that the energy they use in food production is not only clean and environmentally friendly but also helps finance renewable energy projects in developing countries. Check out our campaign leaflets:

If you’d like to join forces with us and show solidarity by promoting the use of sustainable renewable energy with an additional positive impact, consider sharing information about our campaign with others. For more information, feel free to reach out to the EKOenergy Secretariat.

Implemented by volunteers

This campaign would not be possible without the input of our European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers who come from different countries, yet are united by their desire to improve the world and help it transition to 100% sustainable, renewable energy. The European Solidarity Corps is an EU-funded programme allowing young people across the EU and partnering countries to engage in solidarity activities, which make up the foundation of our civil society. At the EKOenergy Secretariat, we are thankful for the opportunity to host international volunteers and provide them with a platform to engage in climate protection every year.

Published: 16 May 2023